5 blogging mistakes I made first time around

5 blogging mistakes I made

So I’ve probably mentioned this before, but this is actually my 2nd blog. I had a beauty blog before for 3-4 years before I took a break and started SomeOfMyFavouriteThings. Even though I’ve had my new blog a matter of months, I learned so much that I’d wish I’d known before so I thought i’d share with you my past mistakes – that’s how we learn, right?

Posting infrequently

With my old blog, I used to just post when I felt like it. I’d write a post and post it straight away, I’d stress myself out mid week as I hadn’t posted that week and I’d rush home from work to get a post out straight away.

Now this isn’t good for anyone – you or your readers. Whether you post everyday or just once a week, make it consistent – at the same time on the same day. This allows your readers know when they can except a new post, it will enable you to plan a little better as well.

Not planning ahead

Like I mentioned in the last point, i always posted on the day just after i’d written the post. Now with this blog, I set a day aside every week and get everything done in one day. All that leaves me is to sort out social media (more on that next) everyday.

I find this gives me more time enjoy other things as Monday to Saturday I don’t need to worry about posts going out.

Not using social media enough

When I published a new post, I’d stick up a link on twitter and Facebook and hope for the best. Sure i’d get a few page views, but I was only lucky enough to capture the people who so happened to be online at that time. Now a days, I use Buffer to schedule my tweets for the days, so I capture a wider audience. I’ve also started joining in twitter chats, although not as much as I’d like to – so I could still be better at that.

Not sharing  old posts

Before when I posted a link on social media to a post, i’d do it once and never do it again. Now a days, like i mentioned above I use buffer to schedule my tweets and now I always include a link to an old post. You might have new followers who haven’t read these posts and they might find them interesting.

Rushing to put posts up

When brands first contacted me to work with them, I was so happy I did my best to please them by putting up the content as quick as I could. Not only did this stress me out having to do ad-hoc posts on a school night, it also meant that I wasn’t getting the best photos as they’d been taken after dark.

These days I give myself a 2-4 week period where I can try out the product, and it gives me time to get lovely photos with good lighting and i’ll schedule the post ahead  of time and let the company know when it will be going live.


So if you’re just starting out, or see some of yourself in my mistakes, I hope it can help you one way or another. This time round now i’m doing it ‘right’, I feel a lot more passionate about what I do, and I enjoy  it a lot more.


3 thoughts on “5 blogging mistakes I made first time around

  1. I’m currently setting up second time around and all of this is so spot on. I’d get over excited, bash out a tonne of content and then drop it for weeks. I’ll definitely be implementing a more structured approach this time round! Xxx

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