3 Book recommendations for bloggers

books for bloggers

There’s loads of books out there available for bloggers, but if you’re reading my blog I’m guessing you’re into either beauty, lifestyle or something similar. So you might be looking for books that suit you. So here’s my recommendations that you might find helpful:

Get Rich blogging – £4.49

get rich blogging

I bought this book a couple of years ago. Even if you don’t want to ‘Get Rich Blogging’, I found it a helpful guide for blogging. Zoe Griffin teaches us  how to create appealing content, choose a web host, spread the word on social media, attract advertisers and pitch to magazines and newspapers…and have fun along the way.

The Girl Boss – £6.99

girl boss book

This books isn’t about blogging, but a popular choice amongst bloggers at the moment. Sophia Amoruse the founder and CEO of Nasty will inspire you and encourage you to be the creator of your own destiny no matter your background. She’ll show you don’t need a PHD to make it in the business world and have fun along the way while breaking through the glass ceiling.

The badass Blog Planner– £9.08

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 16.06.43

Now that you’ve had all the inspiration you need to take on the world and get your blog out there, you’ll now need to plan on how you’re going to do that. The Badass Blog Planner will help you do that. Packed with over 60 worksheets, this one-year planner will help you review the past year and hatch a plan to improve your online presence. It includes worksheets to evaluate and plan blog content, social media posts, products and services, email newsletters, marketing, advertising, your budget, and website design

Do you have any book recommendations for bloggers?



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