2016 Blogging goals

blogging goals

I can’t speak so much for 2015 since I just started this blog in late November, as you may know this is my 2nd blog but this time around i’m a lot more dedicated to blogging. Since I’ve started I’ve managed a new post everyday as well as being active on social media.

I’ve been reading a lot of blogging advice lately, all of which makes so much sense, and in my opinion you need the time and dedication to make your blog work if you want to do it as a career in the long term. While a lot of bloggers blog for fun, which is good, it’s a great hobby to have and that’s what I did with my last blog.  But there’s a small group of us that wouldn’t mind blogging as a career. In my eyes that will give me the freedom to work from where ever I please – I’d love to be my own boss some day. While I know it won’t happen over night, it might take a year, it might take 5 but I’m committed to putting in the work this time around. Everyone has a dream job right? and blogging full time is mine.

While this all might sound a bit OTT and serious, and I know a LOT of people don’t want to make careers out of their blog, I see nothing wrong with being honest with my intentions for my blog. In my day job I work with people everyday that have carved a career for themselves working from home and running a website, and I have a lot of admiration for them. So without rambling on too much, whether you think it’s too ambitious or not, here’s my blogging goals for 2016:

  • Post a new article every day, and plan posts in advance
  • Keep track of Stats
  • Improve my photography skills
  • Start generating some kind of income(even if it is just to cover the costs)
  • Grow my social media/bloglovin following to over 2,000 followers on each channel
  • Interact more with other bloggers

Even if you’re just blogging for fun, or any hobby for that case. It’s always good to set goals for yourself, so that you’re always challenging yourself.

Have you set any blogging goals for 2016?

7 thoughts on “2016 Blogging goals

  1. I love this! When I first started blogging properly (not counting the ‘freeopendiary’ days!) back in 2010 I didn’t even know what ‘blogging’ was, I was just writing nonsense on the internet. Then a few years in I realised how big blogs can become and that it’s possible to make a living this way. I had always wanted to write for a living, all my life but I’m not into fiction or books or poetry so I didn’t know how to write and make money. Around a year ago I started working for an affiliate site and it really opened my eyes to the possibilities and I also learnt a lot about how to grow your site into an income generating place so my goal has become much the same as yours; to one day be my own boss and make enough money to live off comfortably from my own sites. And there is no shame in that at all. Good luck, I’ll be following your blog along the journey! xx

  2. I go off and on the idea of wanting to be a full time blogger. It 100% what I would love to do, but the lack of a stable income really scares me!

    Good luck in your blogging! I’ve posted every day on my blog for 20 months. I also post on a second fitness blog 3 times a week and a third tech blog once a week. I’m totally addicted haha.

    Corinne x

    1. I’ve been following your blog for a while, and I love it! I really enjoy your style of writing :).

      That’s the one scary thing about blogging full time is a stable income. If i do get to the point where I can do it, I might work somewhere part time for a while to see how it goes.

      Elaine x

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