My top 3 red lipsticks


This post went of track a little when I started taking pictures. Originally I had wanted to show you 3 ‘red’ lipsticks that I love, but when I was looking in my collection I realised I loved the burgundy ones just as must, so I’ve just put them all in one post.

Sephora – #22


I picked up this shade on a whim while in Sephora in Barcelona, and it has to be one of my favourite shades of lipsticks. Although as much as I love it, I do find it drying, but that doesn’t stop me from wearing in.

MAC – Diva


This shade is pretty new to my MAC collection, I got it when I did a ‘back-to-mac’ and didn’t go in with a shade in mind I just picked one I liked the look off. But I made a good choice as I love this shade.

MAC – Brave Red

I think this is my favourite actual ‘red’ lipstick. Although I don’t own ‘Russian Red’, so I can’t comment on that. But this was my first red MAC lipstick and it’s always been a go-to since.


What’s your favourite red/burgundy shade of lipstick?

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