Post-Traveling Skincare Routine


When I arrived back from traveling, all the late nights, airplane air conditioning, and junk food had taken it’s toll on my skin and really needed a bit of a skin detox, I reached for my go to products and I thought I’d share them with you.

First off, I start with a double Clarisonic session using the Alpha H balancing Cleanser. Which means I use two cycles of the Clarisonic for a good cleanse to get rid of any make up or whatever that is still on my skin.

Next I apply a deep cleansing face mask, I like using the Origins Clear Improvements mask and I leave that on for a good 20 minutes. Once I wash that I off I use the Mint Julips lip scrub from Lush to give my lips a good exfoliation as well, and apply Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour lip cream to keep my lips smooth and hydrated.

Afterwards I use the Alpha H Liquid Gold all over my face to feel even more refreshed and I leave that for a couple of hours to work it’s magic. Before going to bed I apply the Origins Drink Up Intensive Over night mask to hydrate my skin again as all those cleaning products can get a little drying but it’s needed.

This is quite an intense routine, and I only ever really do this when my skin really ‘needs’ it – after traveling or a crazy week. This combined with lots of water, I usually wake up feeling like myself again.

If you’d like reviews on any of these individual products, just let me know in the comments below.

What do you do for a skin detox?

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