NYX on the spot make up brush cleaner

On The Spot

Keeping your brushes clean is just as important as having good quality brushes. Not only is spot cleaning handy for allowing you to using the same brushes on multiple products, but it always keeps germs and bacteria away which will help prevent you from getting spots and blemishes.

Lately my favourite daily brush cleaner has been the NYX – On The Spot makeup brush spray cleaner. It’s super affordable and gets the job done.

If you’ve never used a daily cleaner before, you simply spray the bristles of your make up brush and wipe clean on a paper towel to remove any excess product, the brush then dries within a minute or so and you’re good to go with your clean brush.

While we all know we should be cleaning our brushes regularly, On The Spot keeps your brushes clean in between uses until you have a chance to do a deep clean.

NYX – On The Spot is available from NYX in Sliema, Tower Road

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