My New Year Resolutions

new year resolution

So it’s that time of year again to make promises for a better year ahead. Personally I enjoy it, I feel like it’s almost a chance to start over and put your best foot forward. So far I’ve already set myself – Blog Goals and Fitness Goals for 2016, I just need to add personal goals…it’s going to be a busy year!

So in 2016 here’s some things I’m going to try and do better:

Send handwritten birthday and Christmas cards 

This might seem trivial, I’m normally good and send family members via moonpig, but I know myself, I love receiving handwritten notes and cards, so my aim to is start doing it this year. I already have my heart set on a super cute address book. It’s a win-win right!

Start saving for Christmas before November

I do this every year, I leave it until the last minute and end up poor for 3 months. I actually tried to start this last year, but I took the money to Vegas with the aim of buying Christmas gifts and ended up spending it on myself! Oops. So this year I’ll start saving around March time, so I’m not in a flap in November.

Challenge myself more – no matter how small

Sometimes it’s just too easy to stay in our comfort zones, and i’m guilty of that. So in 2016 I’ll push myself, be it getting up early for a run instead of staying cosy in bed, or trying a new food that ‘I don’t like’ (that I’ve never tried!)

Use my Clarisonic more often

Now I’m pretty good at removing my make up, I do it every night without fail before bed. But when it comes to my Clarisonic, that I absolutely love, it falls to the way side – out of laziness more than anything. So I vow to use it more in 2016 and have a good skin year!

So there you have it, simple but in my eyes achievable goals. What are your New Year Resolutions?



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