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Ladies, please meet Kida – she is my eyebrow lady. Where would we be without our eyebrow ladies, am I right girls? She is the manager at NYX in Sliema and I trust her completely with my brows.


I’ve been going to NYX for well over a year now for my brows. I used to get them waxed but for the last year or so I’ve been getting them threaded, it’s been a long process but I’ve finally got to a stage where I have good brows (if i say so myself). Before there were thin and straight and I hated them, but over the months while I’ve been going to NYX they’ve got more thicker and fuller and I finally have a nice arch and it’s all down to Kida.

She kindly answered some questions for me, here’s what she had to say:

Q1)Hi Kida, Thanks for taking some time out to answer some questions. First off, tell the SOMFT readers a little bit about yourself.
Oh, this is weird… Well, I am originally Albanian but raised in Malta, moved to Malta when  was 5  yrs old.I have been a makeup artist for the last 5 years and due to doing so many faces I realised that eyebrows are so important to our face, that I decided to take it a step ahead  by focusing on shaping threading and waxing. 
Q2) What is the latest trend for eyebrows at the moment?
The latest is definitely a thick natural brow, which allows to define the face and enhance your features, however we should really be careful not to over fill the brows as that can totally ruin the whole look.
Q3) What do you think is better – waxing or threading?
It really depends on what my clients need, there are some of them who need both due to their thick hair so both waxing and threading works out really well for them and than there are other women who are sensitive and threading is more than enough. 
Q4) What advice do you have for people you want big thick eyebrows?
Definitely to start with, patience… patience… patience… if they are over plucked, tinting for those who are fair and eyebrow fillers for those who have sparse hair.
Q5) How often should be people getting their brows waxed/threaded or tinted?
Well it really depends on their needs, ideally not to loose their shape and colour – every 2/3 weeks.
Q6) What are you favourite brow products?
ohhhh!! this is so difficult!! I love them all, powders, micro pencils,gels!! I am an eyebrow freak so I kind of love them all!!
NYX in Sliema have a special spot downstairs – complete with threading chair to tend to your brows. Prices start from €6 for a clean up. If you need a complete brow overhaul I’d recommend going for the 3D brows which includes: tinting, waxing, threading and shaping.
But it doesn’t just stop at brows – NYX also do make up application (see the look Kida did for me at Christmas here), wedding make up and even make up lessons for beginners or if you want to try a new look.
If you’re interested in going, i’d recommend calling in advance on 27040768 as these services are really popular. You can also check out their Facebook page.

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