MAC contour palette – Medium

MAC contour palette

If you saw last weeks post about about my MAC haul, you’ll know one of the items I bought was the MAC contour palette in the shade Medium. I’m so in love with the highlighter in this kit.

There are 3 parts to the palette. A dark brown, a light tone and a highlighter. I’ve mostly been using the dark brown and the highlighter and to be honest these photos don’t do it any justice.

MAC couture medium swatch

For a better look, check out My Birthday make up post to see how awesome this highlighter is. The palette it’s self is pretty compact and since you get 3 products in one, its great for saving space in your make up bag.

As for the performance of the products, like all MAC products they are really high quality and I find that they last me throughout the day well. The tones of the palette are subtile enough to use everyday, but the product can also be built up for a more dramatic effect for night time use as well.

If you’re looking for a 3-in-1 contour palette I highly recommend you check out this. It’s great value for money and the highlighter is just goals!

What’s your favourite contour products?

2 thoughts on “MAC contour palette – Medium

  1. I’ve never seen a contour kit like this before! Looks absolutely stunning – I’m yet to delve into the world of contour and highlight yet.

    Mind checking out and commenting on my recent?

    Alice xo

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