LVL Lashes

A few weeks ago I went along to WOW Beauty clinic in Fort Fitness in Sliema, they have just recently opened and when I saw that they did an LVL lash treatment I booked an appointment.

I hadn’t had the treatment done before but I had heard a lot of people raving about it, so I was looking forward to my results. Naturally I have quite long lashes so I was optimistic.

To give you a big of a background on the treatment LVL stands for Length – Volume – Lift, where a keratin treatment is applied to the lashes. The whole process takes around an hour.

To begin, I was made comfortable on the treatment bed. Shield as then applied to you lids to stop any product getting on them. Your lashes are then pulled up onto the shields and 3 difference treatments are applied, including a lash tint. The whole process is very comfortable and relaxing, there was no pain what so ever.

 This is a picture before we started the treatment.

And this is the finished result.


As you can see there was a a huge difference in my lashes. Bear in mind the after photo is without any products on my lashes. I was very impressed with the results and I’m now a LVL convert.

The treatment cost €55.

Have you tried LVL lashes?

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