London Beauty Haul


While in London last week, I mentioned in Thursdays post – Lush Haul I didn’t have too much time to go shopping, but I did manage an hour at Westfield shopping centre. There was  few bits I ‘needed’ and a few things I’d seen on instagram that I wanted to pick up. I always use instagram for shopping inspiration, I end up with 100 screen shots on my phone when I go shopping, anyone else?

First off, I went into Superdrug to pick up some collection 2000 concealer. I use shade 1 and 2. Shade 2 matches my skin tone, so I use this as a concealer, and shade 1 is a shade lighter so I use this under my eyes, nose, forehead and any other areas that I want to highlight.

I also picked up the Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner. I saw someone on youtube using this and their winged eyeliner was on point, so I purchased this hoping to have the same effect!

Also from superdrug I got a baby lips, lip balm. I’d just finished using my other one – probably the only lip balm I’ve ever finished, so I repurchased. And last but not least from Superdrug for the Lottie Solid brush cleaner. I saw a review on The Sunday Girl and had to buy it.

While walking around Westfield, I noticed they had an Aesop. I’d never tried any of their products before, so I went in and asked the assistant to recommend something and I came away with this hand balm that smells divine!

Other than Westfield, I did manage to sneak in a quick trip to Primark, I was after their Velvet Matte lipstick crayon that i’d seen someone post on instagram and managed to pick up 2.

I’ll review all these items shortly and I’ve used them first. If you’d like more info on anything I bought, just leave a comment below.

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