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If you’ve been hiding under a rock you won’t have heard of Kylie Jenner, but those who have, will know that that girl has a strong lip game! Her much lust after lip kits sold out in just 30 seconds. I barely had a chance to get on the website before they sold out. After a little digging and some research – I present to you my own version of the Kylie lip – using MAC products.


I popped along to MAC in Sliema and picked up some goodies, with the intention of having a Kylie style lip. The two items I bough – Lipstick, in Pink Plain and lip pencil in Whirl. I won’t go through how to put lip pencil and lipstick on. I  feel it’s pretty self explanatory (if not check out youtube).

To get that plumped up look like Kylie, I suggest lining slightly outside of your natural lip line. This will result in your lips looking fuller.

Do you love Kylie lips, or are you so over it?

Send me your top lip tips.

One thought on “Kylie Jenner Lip

  1. Hey hunny! I love your blog! in posts like this, I think you’d benefit lots from just doing some simple swatches on your hand or even on your lips, just so everyone can see the colour pay off!

    Much love, Harriet xxx

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