I suck at winged eyeliner


Can I be honest? I guess I can, it’s my blog but I’m going to confess something here that will make the pretty girls of instagram laugh in my face…

I suck sucked at doing eyeliner…like real bad. It actually got to point where my terrible eyeliner skills were getting me down. I’d be looking in the mirror in the bathroom at lunch and hope that no one had see the mess that they were. I yearned for the perfect instagram winged eyeliner.

So enough was enough, I was determined to get this issue fixed! I went over to MAC in Sliema one lunch and begged  asked the lovely make up goddesses to help me achieve that look.

I ended up booking myself in for a lesson right there and then! We discussed what I was currently using (liquid eyeliner) and what I wanted to do. My eyeliner saviour suggested I try ‘Blacktrack’ (gel eyeliner) with a 208 brush. She expertly applied instagram worthy winged eyeliner while I watched intently, determined to master the skill.


Next up it was my turn to try for myself. So I got the lid part down, and it took a couple attempts at the flick but I managed….!!! Finally, I had sleek smooth winged eyeliner that didn’t look like it was done by a 6 year old…that was it…my life at that point at changed for the better and I couldn’t thank the  girl enough for teaching me her ways!

So this is what my handy work looks like now, maybe not instagram or pinterest worthy, but trust me…a lot better than the hot mess it was before:


So if you’re like me…I really recommend these two products, and a quick lesson in MAC. It will be the best €35 you’ll ever spend (that covers the cost of the lesson, that you get back in store credit to buy products)

So there you have it…my beauty secret!!

One thought on “I suck at winged eyeliner

  1. It took me ages to get winged liner down to a tee. Sadly I can’t use gel liner as it smudges all over my eyes…even if it claims to be non smudge. I didn’t even think about getting a lesson from a MUA for liner when I was struggling all those years ago, it would have saved me a lot of time and effort if I had haha.

    You’re liner looks amazing by the way 🙂

    Hannah xxx

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