Gillette Venus Swirl review

Gillette Venus Swirl

When I was at the Pink Fashion Show a few weeks ago, I picked up the new Gillette Venus Swirl to try out. Now i’ve tried most forms of hair removing – waxing, shaving, hair removal creams and lazer hair removal and there is no denying that shaving is easiest and pain free option what you can do at home. With summer here, shaving it convenient when you don’t want to wait weeks in-between waxing.

The new Gillette Venus swirl has a special feature the ‘flexi ball’ that helps capture what other razors may miss as it allows the razor to move and bend to the contour of your skin.


This is particularly handy for tricky parts such a ankles and knees, they blades simply move to give you the smoothest finish. Normally I used to steal my boyfriends razor, but there is no need for that any more.

What hair removal method do you prefer?

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