Babyliss Perfect Curl

babyliss perfect curl

Personally I love having curled hair, but I have really fine hair and lots of it too! I don’t know how my hair dresser dose it, but for as long as I can ever remember I could never get curls to stay in my hair when I done them at home – they’d have fallen out by the time I got to where ever I was going.

That was until I discovered Bayliss Pro Perfect Curl. It’s a little pricey at over £100, however we’d spend the same on GHDs and I’ve definitely got my money worths out of this since I bought it.

The device comes with a sort of chamber at the end, the hair gets sucked into this and wound round a heated barrel, wait for the beeps (approx 10 secs), open it back up and you’re left with the perfect curl.

babyliss perfect curl

For a more softer look I only curl the bottom half of my hair, then run my fingers through the curls to loosen them up a little. This is how it looks:

babyliss perfect curl after

The whole process is quicker than using, say GHDs to curl your hair. I can do a full head in about 15-20 mins, but if i’ve going for something more everyday like above I can easily do it in under 10 minutes.

So i’ve you’ve had the same problem as me – that curls don’t last in your hair. I would recommend getting the Babyliss Perfect Curl – it will be the answer to your prayers!

The Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl can be purchased from Amazon for £117 – Here

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