Amsterdam Haul


In Monday’s post I talked about my trip to Amsterdam and that i managed to squeeze in about an hour of shopping. But to be honest, my shopping trip was rather disappointing. I went to H&M and Forever 21 and barely found anything.

I was mainly looking for some cute summer dresses but everything too was too short or inappropriate for the office. But here is what I did get:

Shoes – H&M – €10 (in the sale)

I’d been searching for this style of shoes for a while now and finally found a pair and in the sale as well – bargain!



Victoria Secret – Pink

I picked these up as well as some underwear (didn’t think you’d want to see that!) at the airport when I landed at Schiphzl Airport. I’m not quite sure how the airport works, but there is loads of shops when you arrive, and not that many when you’re checking in. So I made the guys wait 10 minutes while I picked up some stuff.


Clarins – Daily Energiser Wake-up booster

I had this a few years ago and really loved it, I’d tired buying it again but the places I tried didn’t have it, but I found it at a department store in Dam Square. I’ll do a review on this shortly and it’s a great morning product.


So there you have it, my tiny little haul! I had went with a half empty suitcase with the intention of doing loads of shopping but no luck!

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