Health and Wellness in the Workplace

health and wellness

Ever since I started an office job 7 years ago I noticed the pounds creeping on. Like most people I sat my desk all day, snacking on junk food and working long hours to meet deadlines. Spending a big percentage of my life in the office under these conditions I noticed the damage it was doing, not only physically but mentally as well.

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Meditation and mindfullness


In the recent years there has been so much awareness about mental health issues, and it is important to keep a healthy mind. It’s not just things like depression that can effect us, things such as stress can not only effect us emotionally but also physically as well.

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Asos Haul

ASOS haul

Last week was pay day and I had already had about a million items saved in my Asos basket and it was time to whittle it down and pick the best my favourite outfits. At the moment I’m currently obsessed with Brunch and going for Afternoon Tea so I picked some nice dresses and shoes I can wear for that.

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