Thinking about waxing?

thinking about getting waxed

Today I thought I’d do a post about waxing – eek. If you’ve never been waxed before the thought might fill you with dread. But if you prefer other methods – shaving, cream, laser that’s completely a personal choice. But you are interested, read on.

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London Beauty Haul


While in London last week, I mentioned in Thursdays post – Lush Haul I didn’t have too much time to go shopping, but I did manage an hour at Westfield shopping centre. There was  few bits I ‘needed’ and a few things I’d seen on instagram that I wanted to pick up. I always use instagram for shopping inspiration, I end up with 100 screen shots on my phone when I go shopping, anyone else?

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Lush Haul

Lush haul

While I was in London last week for work, I didn’t have a lot of time for shopping, but one of the places I did want to visit was Lush. Lucky for me Westfield shopping centre was close to our hotel, and it was open until 10pm so I managed to pick up some bath bombs.

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