3 Books to read before the movies in 2016

girl on the train

I’ve always loved reading books, but sometimes there doesn’t seem enough time in the day. Last year I vowed to read more books, I was aiming at 1 a month and I did well for about 3/4 months and life got in the way. I even started a book club at work so it would give me the motivation to read more books, but no one else read the books – haha!

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My morning routine

morning routine

My old morning routine used to be – sleep as long as possible, but recently I’ve been getting up earlier in the mornings and enjoying getting a lot more stuff done. While I still love to sleep, I find I feel better throughout the day if i get up and do what needs done in the mornings. I’ve never been a morning person, but I love lazy evenings so I find that if i get stuff done in the morning I don’t have anything to do in the evening!

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My make-up bag essentials

make up bag essentials

Recently I noticed that for a long time now, I’ve been using the same good ol’ make-up products everyday when getting ready for work. If I have a special event or a party to go to i’ll spend more time and use a lot more products, but I’ve got my morning work make-up down to 5 minutes and here’s what I use:

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What’s in my bag

whats in my bag

I always love these types of posts, a little peek into someones life. So I thought i’d show you want I carry about with me on a daily basis. This is what in the bag I take to work, and there’s actually a couple of items missing here, but I’ll add them to the list. So this is what I carry with me:

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Christmas Shopping in London

oxford-street-christmas-lights-switch-on-3d8cbb0789d19869f91a061e1df6a0f2Photo Credit : Visit London

It’s become a bit of a tradition over the last few years, that me and my boyfriend make a trip to London for some Christmas shopping. I’d only ever been to London before for work, so I’d never really had much shopping time. So it’s nice to go when I have no other commitments. Although we only go for a day, we still always have lots of fun and manage to cram as much shopping in as possible.

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