My 5 minute face

5 minute face

As much as I’d love to spend 30 mins in the morning on my make up, the reality is that I love sleeping too much. I’ve got my ‘everyday makeup’ down to a T, and it take me just 5 minutes in the morning to apply my make up for work.
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My top 3 red lipsticks


This post went of track a little when I started taking pictures. Originally I had wanted to show you 3 ‘red’ lipsticks that I love, but when I was looking in my collection I realised I loved the burgundy ones just as must, so I’ve just put them all in one post.
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Weekly Post Round Up – 24th July

Weekly Post Round up

Well that’s another week over, they are just flying by at the moment. I’ve had a pretty lazy weekend, yesterday I spent the day writing posts for next week as today I’m away to the beach for a baby shower (the perks of Malta!). I hope you’re all having a great weekend, remember to catch up below on any posts you missed:

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50 Blog post ideas

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 15.06.49

Blogging isn’t easy, the hardest part for me is coming with content ideas. There will be weeks or months and you think ‘what will i write about’, it’s a good idea to have a list of back up ideas to help you fill in the blank or even help you get ideas for your own posts.
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